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Actel Libero IDE V8.6 Platinum elsadea




NET V4.5 is finally out. The new version of Libero adds many enhancements to the old version. + * Supports  new Windows 8 operating system. * Added new interface code that has an effortless transition from a Windows 7/vista/XP computer to Windows 8. * The new IDEDesigner has been significantly upgraded. * A wide range of features have been added to facilitate the development of Embedded and microcontroller based applications. * The application can be used to create and edit a project for all type of products including ARM, microcontroller based, full-featured and Embedded and Microprocessor based designs. * The new version contains the updated library and programming environment to support all hardware and software components of the Intel® Pro  Series Embedded Platform and Intel x86 Windows® based development platform. * The Intel® Pro  Series Embedded Platform and Intel® x86 Windows® based development platform is supported with the integrated device support packages and feature comparison tool. * The device drivers for the x86 Windows® based development platform are fully integrated with the IDE. * The driver development is supported for all embedded and microcontroller based systems with Intel® Pro Series Embedded Platform and Intel® x86 Windows® based development platforms. * The IDE can be configured to support the various aspects of hardware and software development for all type of Intel® x86 Windows® based and ARM development platforms. * Support for in-circuit debugging for ARM based development platform has been improved. * The compiler can be configured to produce x86 ARM based object files and code that supports in-circuit debugging and register transfer analysis. * Enhanced support for EFI development platforms is also provided. * IDE can be configured to support UNIX and LINUX based operating systems including, Linux, Solaris, Red Hat, FreeBSD and Open-source unix. * The applications can be set up to work across all these operating systems using Linux, Solaris, Open-source unix, Unix-like and Red Hat based operating systems. *




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Actel Libero IDE V8.6 Platinum elsadea

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